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In partnership with 2050Community's WORLD CLASS international artists' collaboration we are installing our Safe Spaces sites across three underserved locations in need of positive energy, beautification, and improvement. 

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Beni, DR Congo

2050Community artists create murals which will be painted by members of the field team in Beni, along with the installation of a productive garden.  The effort will serve to beautify this meeting place and provide a source of food and income. 

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Qushtapa Camp, Kurdistan

A child friendly space inside an often forgotten refugee camp. The residents are individuals and families who escaped the Syrian Civil War. 2050Community artist Massoud Ahmed will paint a mural along with involvement from the resident community. A beautification garden will be installed as part of our focus on Environment. 

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Luanda, Angola

At a favorite local spot called The Stage, 2050Community artist ELOHIM will paint a mural and provide an opportunity for local kids to learn about art and the use of art as an alternative therapy and source of income. 

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