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Qushtapa Camp, Iraq

The camp is a permanent residence for Syrians who fled war and associated violence during 2011-2017. This civil war destroyed much of the country and its infrastructure and economy, and caused mass migration to cross-border areas. Iraq was a major destination for refugees who were put into permanent camps. There is no process for getting these individuals and families out of the camp. Its a safer option than sitting in an open war, but it does not provide any normal life situation. These residents were long considered "Stateless". They could not return home, and many lost everything during the war, and they were also not citizens of any other country. Asylum was only possible on foot through dangerous areas of Syria or Turkey and may do not survive the trip. 

Due to the nature of long-running conficts, resources for the residents ran out long out many years ago. Most NGO's have gone, and left the camp fairly abandoned of attention and support.  Children have been born in the camp and raised and do not know any other life. Many families were professionals from major cities who now have few options to live normal lives. Without outside intervention, resettling could be impossible.

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